Indiana, Michigan winners at Big 10 tourney today

Indiana defeated Penn State 11-8 and Michigan continues their winning ways by defeating Purdue 6-1.  You can read my recap of the games at The College Baseball Blog

Indiana’s Celebration…

Penn State’s Disbelief

I will say that the PSU-IU game was one of the best games I’ve seen at the Big Ten Tournament.  Never had I seen such rollercoaster of emotions as I was sitting behind some Penn State fans (including Joe Blackburn’s parents).  The top of the ninth their team had come back from a 3-run deficit to take the lead. 

The next half inning, a grand slam erases all of that.  That’s a lot to take. 

more photos of the Penn State-Indiana game and the Michigan-Purdue game.

Update:  I saw Tyler Cox’ grand slam and the ensuing celebration on ESPN’s SportsCenter last night.  Now, they’ll start paying a little attention to college ball, Brian from Big Ten Hardball told me.

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