2009 Draft: It’s in the Blood


The bloodlines were strong in this year’s MLB First Year Player Draft, almost 50 players have some blood tie to a former player.  Brett Wallach, a righthanded pitcher, was selected in the 3rd round by the Los Angeles Dodgers.  While the White Sox are hoping lightning will strike twice as they reached into the bargain basement, selecting the son of Harold Baines, HB2, in the 45th round.

1 BOS Reymond Fuentes Carlos Beltran Cousin
3 LAD Brett Wallach Tim Wallach Father
3 BOS David Renfroe Laddie Renfroe Father
4 OAK Max Stassi Myril Hoag Uncle
6 DET Daniel Fields Bruce Fields Father
6 TOR Kristopher Hobson Butch Hobson Father
6 TEX Ruben Sierra Jr. Ruben Sierra Father
6 SEA Brian Moran B.J. Surhoff Uncle
12 BAL Steven Bumbry Al Bumbry Father
14 TOR Lance Durham Leon Durham Father
16 SD Griffin Benedict Bruce Benedict Father
16 BOS Luke Bard Daniel Bard Brother
18 DET Eric Roof Gene Roof Father
19 NYY Luke Murton Matt Murton Brother
20 DET James Gulliver Glenn Gulliver Father
24 LAA Taylor Kinzer Matt Kinzer Father
29 TOR Zach Outman Josh Outman Brother
30 TEX Anthony Hutting Jamie Shields Cousin
Aaron Rowand Cousin
30 TB Marcus Proctor Marcus Jensen Father
32 TEX Reggie Williams Jr. Reggie Williams Father
34 TOR Jonathan Fernandez Tony Fernandez Father
34 WAS Shane McCatty Steve McCatty Father
36 BOS Mike Yastrzemski Carl Yastrzemski Grandfather
40 LAD Ryan Christenson Gary Christenson Father
40 PHI Robert Amaro Ruben Amaro Uncle
41 ARI Cade Kreuter Chad Kreuter Father
42 OAK Blake Crosby Bobby Crosby Brother
43 DET Andrew Allen Rod Allen Father
43 CWS Tyler Williams Ken Williams Father
44 WAS Hoby Milner Brian Milner Father
45 ARI Beau Amaral Rich Amaral Father
45 CWS Harold Baines, Jr. Harold Baines Father
45 BOS Kyle Arnesberg Brad Arnesberg Father
46 LAA Philip Bando Chris Bando Father
Sal Bando Uncle
46 WAS Seth Greene Tommy Greene Father
47 SEA David Holman Brian Holman Father
47 CHC Joseph Jocketty Walt Jocketty Father
48 DET Jake Porcello Rick Porcello Brother
48 KC Kevin Kuntz Rusty Kuntz Father
49 COL Mark Tracy Chad Tracy Brother
Jim Tracy Father

One Response to “2009 Draft: It’s in the Blood”

  1. Teddy,
    There is one that didn’t make your list who is near and dear to TBZ…

    Dom Altobelli who was 3B for Illinois this past year. He is son to Mike Altobelli and related to former mgr Joe Altobelli


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