2009 All-Star Game: from a fan who remembers when the NL used to be good

Thirteen proved to be an unlucky number for the National League as once again, they need to wait another year.  The American League defeated them 4-3 Tuesday in a tight game decided by good bullpen pitching and clutch hitting. 

Bleacher Report live blogged the whole affair if the want all the details in its sordid glory.

A few of the subplots:

Overall, FOX averaged an estimated 12.32 million viewers to go with a 7.5 rating/13 share. NBC’s 5.7/10 was second, topping the 4.8/8 for CBS. ABC’s 2.7/5 and The CW’s 0.5/1 trailed.

2010 is a new year and a new decade.  I can feel a NL victory… maybe.

Update:  just to prove that you can use stats to prove any point, while FOX’ ratings WERE better than any in their slot, they did slip a bit from last year.  Down 4% from last year’s game. 

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