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I’ve launched a new blog centered around the sports tabletop game APBA. 

If you play APBA (either in a league or solitaire), please take the time to go to The APBA Blog.  With the help of Teddy Ballgame and Cluke and probably others in the the future, The APBA Blog will hit topics like leagues, replays, APBA product releases and innovations to the game. 

I’m excited about the project that deals with the game I’ve played since I was a kid.  The site is in its infancy so check back often for updates. 

The APBA Blog


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  1. I’ve been looking for others who play solitaire replays of complete seasons to see how things turned out.

    In 2001 I started a 1967 N.L. replay using only eight teams (not the Mets or Astros) and a 154-game schedule. I also moved Atlanta back to Milwaukee (wish I had moved the Dodgers and Giants back east) and used a few players from great teams (such as Koufax and Drysdale from the 1963 Dodgers) to beef up some weak teams. It didn’t help with the Dodgers as they’re in last place. I also put a few 1967 A.L. guys on N.L. teams they’d played on. And I used the 1961 Yankees Roger Maris for the 1967 Cardinals’ version; with six games to go he has only 46 home runs, two ahead of Willie McCovey.

    Anyway, as a person with a job that demands a lot of time and a lot of other interests (like the real major league game when it’s in season), it’s taken me until now to near the end of the 1967 APBA N.L. season. Seven days to go and the standings look like this:

    Chicago 85-64; St. Louis 84-64; Milwaukee 83-66; San Francisco 80-70; with the Phils, Reds, Pirates and Dodgers following, all under .500.

    Both the Cardinals’ Bob Gibson (pitching every fourth day rather than the real fifth) and the Giants’ Gaylord Perry have won 26 games, whle the Cubs’ Ferguson Jenkins leads the league with nine shutouts. Clay Carroll (a D) of the Braves pitched a no-hitter over the Dodgers, but I sent him at the waiver deadline to the Reds.

    In real life I’m a rabid Cardinals fan with a soft spot in his heart for the Cubs. I put Moe Drabowsky from the 1967 Orioles on the Cubs to beef up their bullpen at the beginning of the season then sent him in a waiver deal on Aug. 31 to the Cardinals for Lou Brock, who’s hit four homers for his new team in September. It just so happens that the Cardinals and Cubs end the season in Wrigley Field this weekend.

    Just felt like writing all that out because I never come across anyone else who’s an APBA fan here and I’m always intrigued by APBA season replays.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Hey Jim,
    thanks for writing… the 67 replay sounds interesting. Our commish in our league has been doing replays of 60s seasons.

    I’d encourage you to check out our APBA blog at http://www.apbablog.com. We talk about a myriad of APBA topics.

    And if you haven’t already, you would be interested in the APBA forums:



  3. A former teacher and i are looking for a league to join if anybody has any leagues email me at cbb62410@ucmo.edu
    Thanks Corey

  4. Hi Corey,
    your best bet is the APBA Forum called Between the Lines.

    it’s free and sponsored by the APBA Co, you do need to register though.

    they have a league classified section which is pretty handy


  5. I have the greatest teams of the past from 1967 and Roger Maris is rated a 3 in the outfield. Could any 67 season owner tell me if he was rated a 3 in the 67 set?…I have a downloded adobe set from 67 and Maris is a 2.

  6. Mike,
    I honestly don’t know.

    I’ve opened up the question over at The APBA Blog

    Maybe some there would know.


  7. hi , i’ve got a league were i’ve set the rosters, for it is too hard to keep track, anyway i’m going with 30 players tops for 8 teams i need a scan of about 100 or more or less of players that were in the league, examples:
    1980 reds dave collins
    1982 reds bob shirley
    1983 reds ron oester
    1987 reds kal daniels
    1987 reds dennis rasmussen
    1988 reds danny jackson
    1988 reds jose rijo
    1989 reds todd benzinger
    1989 reds luis quinones
    1990 reds tim birtsas xb
    1990 reds glenn braggs
    1991 reds scott scudder
    1992 reds bip roberts
    1992 reds darnell coles

  8. anyway if anyone can scan me these cards too ronnyrains@yahoo.com greatly appreciated

  9. the 2004 red sox maybe are in there.. I don’t think the Whitesox should be there thgouh. They just had stupidly hot pitchers in the playoffs. I would throw the 2001 DBACKS in there.. Johnson and Schilling in their prime.

  10. I’ve been a fan of APBA since I got my first game in 1963. It was the 62 board game. Pirates are my team and on the team catcher Don Leppert was the backup to Smokey Burgess. He was a right hand hitter with some power. The origianal board game had it right, a right hand hitter. During my tour o fthe Army I lost many of my games including that season. So when they came out with reissues I bought the 62 season again. Lo and behold, Leppert was a left hand hitter. I notified APBA of their mistake and they told me I was wrong. (there was a left hand hitter named Don Leppert but he played long before the 60s. I now have the 62 computer game from APBA and guess what, Leppert is again a left hand hitter. Drives me nuts.

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