Around the Zealot horn: Lou Boudreau and APBA

I’m feeling lazy on this cold Saturday night so here are a couple good articles from the Zealot network from the past few days worth reading:

As you may have already read, I took part in the Kiwanis Sports Trivia Championship last weekend.  What I didn’t mention in my article was that there was only one University of Illinois baseball trivia question asked all day.  Being a huge UI baseball fan, you would think I would have gotten it right but Murphy’s Law took effect here. 

Sheepishly, I’m learning all I can about the question’s topic and writing about it.   It’s all there in Lou Boudreau and Darrin Fletcher: not a trivial mistake at the Illinois Baseball Report.


If you are an APBA Baseball fan, you might want to check out The APBA Blog’s 10 Tips for Trading in an APBA League.  It’s getting to be that “hot stove” time of year for our league not to mention many other APBA leagues around the nation.  It’s not rocket science but some of us (myself included) need to be reminded of some of the basic tips and suggestions on how to deal with others when trading in an APBA league.

Though this piece is geared toward the APBA game, I’d wager that 90% of it applies to traditional fantasy leagues as well.


Speaking of APBA baseball and APBA leagues, our Illowa APBA League is finishing up its 35th season.  I’ve finally redone and updated our league web site.  IAL awards winners have just been announced and playoff spots determined.

If you’re a fellow APBA player, check us out.

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