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CLuke and I did a show last night.  Here are the show notes:

Hosts: Tom and Chuck

Summary:  We touch on a variety of issues including the All-Star Game, vintage baseball, Tom’s 1979 APBA replay, the upcoming APBA convention and the woes of the Chicago White Sox.

As we said during the show, sometime co-host Shawn Lee is busy with the vintage base ball team, Vermilion Voles.  For a couple years, he’s been the webmaster for them so check out their website

This year, he’s picking up the bat and playing on the team.  Shawn said he couldn’t make the show because the Voles had a game.  Later, he reported back and said the Voles split their double header.  Interestingly, the team they played are from my hometown, the Urbana Boneyards. 

Here is the link to Tom’s 1979 APBA National League replay that we talked about during the show.  Much credit goes to my friend Brando who was responsible for the NL West.  As I said, we only got as far as July 26 but enjoy anyway. 

The APBA Convention is next weekend.  For those interested, here is the link to register (if it’s not too late).  Chuck mentioned the APBA Between the Lines Forum during the show.  I’d highly recommend it to any APBA player who wants to chat with others who play the game. 

Finally, one more promised link… is a good podcast for White Sox fans.  George Heidcamp does a fine job covering the team. 

Thanks for listening!!

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