Finding a lost treasure: a George Brett autograph APBA card

I found my long lost George Brett autographed APBA card last night. 

There‚Äôs an interesting story behind it,  I posted about it at The APBA Blog

2 Responses to “Finding a lost treasure: a George Brett autograph APBA card”

  1. I am a dummy. Can’t find the Brett card story and it seems that the Rizzuto call of the tirade is not available via the link given.

    I lived in KC and was active in the local ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease Chapter. It is Brett’s main charity. I rubbed elbows a few times and have several autographed balls, bats and jerseys. He is a gentleman and continues to make KC his home with wife and 3 boys. The most he ever made as a player was about $2 million, a pittance even for a journeyman now!

  2. hmm, it seems the Rizzuto call has been taken down from that site, That’s a shame.

    The Brett story is still there at

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