Gearing up for the ILLOWA APBA All-Star Game

Our Illowa APBA League All-Star Game is almost a week away. 

Our managers have voted for the starters and their voices have been heard.  You can see the results here.  A very decisive vote as eight of the sixteen starters were voted in unanimously.  We had a tight race at our second base position with Cano, Valentin and Hudson all within three votes of each other. 

Not surprisingly, this will be the first year that my firstbaseman Albert Pujols will not start.  Despite his 26 homeruns, he is only hitting .252.  Mark Teixeira has him beat with much superior stats.

I mentioned before that I am the manager of our division this year due to our first place finish last year (yay!).  My job as manager now is to pick the substitutes and pitchers.  I’ve pretty much have finished that task but that is perhaps for another post. 

Some people don’t understand our fervent appreciation for the game of APBA baseball.  I remember once about fifteen years ago I inquired about a rotisserie baseball league.  The guy I talked to was someone I just met and the league where stats were done manually not online (they were all done that way back then). 

On the phone with the guy, I asked guy if he ever heard of APBA.  I could just see the sneer on his face.  He said no, and that his rotisserie league was a much more “sophisticated” league.

I never called the guy back. 

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