Hot Stove APBA-Style

We’re not done with our season in our Illowa APBA League but seeing that the MLB campaign is over, that doesn’t prevent our trading from commencing. 

After recording Show #35 of Baseball Zealot Radio, Todd and I got talking and we ended up making a trade.  A real blockbuster I tell ya.  I sent Juan Uribe to him for Ray Durham.  Ironically, the subject of Uribe came up during the show and Todd went on a rant about how he would never want him on the Pirates.  Guess he fits ok on his Three Rivers Gamblers, eh?

To be fair, Uribe would only be playing 10-15 games for Todd.  Same for Durham who is backing up Orlando Hudson for me. 

I got thinking about it and I realized that this is the second time that Durham has been involved in a trade with Todd after recording a BZR show.  Last winter, we traded Durham for a draft pick. 

I emailed Todd back and told him that if you take out the Durham factor, this is kinda like me trading him Uribe for a draft pick. 

Maybe he likes Uribe more than he thinks. 

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