Hot Stove League heating up in my APBA League

66 I just made my second trade in my APBA League.  I traded Huston Street for Ryan Zimmerman to the Molly Putts Marauders owned by Zealot reader DonS.  I’ve had Street since I picked him in the first round in the rookie draft a couple years ago. 

Points to consider:

  1. I am was desperate for coverage for thirdbase.  My only other thirdbaseman was Joe Crede who as you know, was injured for most of last year.  With Braun, Kouzmanoff, Gordon, and Iwamura, our rookie draft was ripe with thirdbasemen.  But rumors of Braun moving to the outfield and Iwamura not showing the power I want/need, I went for the sure thing.
  2. DonS’ Marauders presumably needed bullpen.  And while there’s no such thing as too much bullpen, I could conceivably spare one especially in a situation like this (I still have Akinori Otsuka, Pat Neshek, and Ruddy Lugo (who got a gift from APBA). 
  3. Ryan Zimmerman’s errors were way up in 2007.  I am aware of that.  But I still think he is a quality fielder and even probably should have won the Gold Glove.  I’m not the only person to think that.  And no, David Wright should NOT have won it.
  4. DonS’ Marauders had three starting thirdbasemen.  He could afford to make this trade.  That’s not to minimize Huston Street.  I picked Street in the first round of the rookie draft after his 2005 rookie season.  I rarely never pick relievers in the first round.  Not since Tom Martin in 1998.  They’re too unreliable.  But I made a exception with Street because I thought he had good stuff.  And so far, he hasn’t disappointed.  Have fun with him, DonS. 

Now with two deals I have my positions covered.  Earlier this off-season, I traded Juan Uribe to Baseball Zealot Radio co-host Todd V for Ray Durham.  A blockbuster, to be sure.  More importantly to us APBA managers, he covered our positions.  O-dog missed a few games with an injury in 2007. 

With 2 picks in the upcoming rookie draft, I have the ultimate luxury.  I can pick the best player available. 

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