Some APBA good ones… articles, I mean

A couple of very interesting articles over at The APBA Blog.  Interesting, that is, if you play the tabletop sports game, APBA. 

Dusty Welsh did a guest post on the history of the actual APBA game boards.  Very fascinating (again, if you play the game) as he researches the game back to its roots in 1951 and follows it to modern day.  He documents all the changes throughout the years.

And just today, an interview with the CEO of the APBA Game Company was posted.  John Herson agreed to answered some of my questions.  The good news is that he might make it a regular feature. 

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  1. Any news on whether there will be 2011 college baseball cards thru scott guthrie this year? I and a few others have been addicted to this part of the APBA game.

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