Baseball Zealot Radio interviews Brian DeCaussin from Big Ten Hardball

One of the perks as a blogger and a podcaster is that I get to meet (at least virtually) and talk to a variety of people in the baseball world. That includes players and coaches, broadcasters, and fellow bloggers and podcasters. The one thing they all share is the love of the game of baseball. This week’s guest, Brian DeCaussin of Big Ten Hardball, is no exception.

If you have any interest in college baseball, especially Big Ten baseball, a visit to Big Ten Hardball is a definite must. Brian does a great job reporting on and analyzing the Big Ten conference. Week in and week out, he summarizes each conference game and highlights. His web site is worth the trip just for the wealth of useful links that adorn the side of his site.

Brian and I got a chance to chat about his interest in Big Ten baseball, how the teams will shake out in 2007, and the status of the sport of baseball in the Big Ten.

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