BP interviews Pat Neshek

Baseball Prospectus recently interviewed Twins setup man Pat Neshek.  You can listen Will Carroll’s interview with him here.

I follow Neshek for a couple reasons.  One, I took a chance on him in the Illowa APBA League’s rookie draft.  So far I haven’t been disappointed.  As a fantasy sports game, APBA doesn’t just value a reliever on the save alone. 

Also, Neshek is a blogger.  Check out his blog, On the Road with Pat Neshek.  From the looks of it, he finds the time to update it frequently. 

It’s a pretty awesome site, full of photos, articles by Pat, as well as a description of his delivery.  I particularly liked his My Baseball Cards page showing his cards going back to his minor league days. 

Keep the ball down low, Pat.  You might be my closer next year. 

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