BZR chats with Al Yellon from Bleed Cubbie Blue

I caught up with Al who gave me an interview for the Zealot.  He’s quite busy this season especially this time of year.

I think this was the first time we’ve had a Cubs fan on the show.  A real treat for me and a quite a switch from putting up with my Sox fans co-hosts.  Just kidding, CLuke.

Thanks to Al for his time.

Thanks for listening!!

Show Notes for Episode 29:

Hosts: Tom

Summary: Al Yellon is one of the biggest names in the Cubs blogosphere.  His blog, Bleed Cubbie Blue, is a great resource for Cub fans and judging by the amount of feedback, he has a large following.

For Episode 29, Tom chats with Al.  We talk a few minutes about the BCB blog then spend the rest of the show on what’s happening with the Cubs.


Bleed Cubbie Blue

During the show, the topic of BCB’s Top 100 Cubs of All Time came up.  You can find the full list here.

Time: 22:44

Date Recorded: 8/30/07

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