Chicago Bears



The Super Bowl. The Chicago Bears play the Indianapolis Colts. Two midwestern cities within 3 hours of each other. The East Coast sports media can stick it. Go Bears!

If you’re a Bears fan, check out It’s a podcast in the same vein as but they cover… yeah, the Bears.

(Before the Sox fans start whining, there is also a which believe it or not, I listen to once in a while. It’s pretty good if you’re into the Sox kind of thing).

Anyway, best of luck to the Bears.

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2 Responses to “Chicago Bears”

  1. Sox fans? Whine?

    Why would THAT thought even OCCUR to you?

    Maybe because you KNOW some of them?

  2. DonS I think I’ve been reading your posts too much.. I’m developing an attitude toward Sox fans :)

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