First-Year Player Draft is coming up. Are you ready?

Tomorrow is the first day of the First-Year Player Draft. Ok, David Price is going with the #1 pick. That we pretty much know. But what else do you need to know to keep up with the draft?

Well, let’s get these handy links out:

MLB Draft Central

MLB Draft Tracker

The Draft Tracker was pretty cool last year with its search features etc. From a cursory look without it being it action, it looks even better this year. I plan to have this going wherever I am.

No doubt, MLB Baseball Channel will be covering this during the afternoon hours giving it the “CNN treatment”.

By the way, if you want listen to some good pre-analysis of the draft, check out Baseball Prospectus’ interviews with Kevin Goldstein. They’re so in depth that they separated them into a hitters episode and pitchers episode.

For that matter, The Baseball Analysts have pretty much been doing the Draft all this month. Check them out.

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