Tim McCarver- he IS that bad…

My friend DonS has always said he had no use for Tim McCarver as an announcer.  This was made evident during the 2005 All-Star Game, he said, when he made 3 gaffes in the space of the first 2 innings. 

I must admit I never thought of it before.  But dang it, he’s right.  Just tonight, his over-sentimentalization (if that’s a word), tendency to state the obvious, and inaccuracies (read: mistakes) are a bit much to take. 

Just tonight, Tim mentioned that Dave LaRoche hit a grand slam in the Houston-Atlanta game on Sunday.  A moment later, no doubt after someone whispered in his ear, he mentioned that no, Dave LaRoche was his father.  It was Adam LaRoche. 

Turns out that DonS isn’t alone.  Others don’t like McCarver either.  And some have web pages expressing their dislike.

Like ShutUpTimMcCarver.com who have an amusing list of McCarver gaffes he’s made in the last couple years.  You can submit your own if you care.


There’s also The I Hate Tim McCarver Home Page whose author has a quite a lengthy diatribe on why he hates McCarver.  It does include a funny drinking game if you are so disposed:

 ”The McCarver Drinking Game
Here’s how to play:
Get a bottle of your favorite booze and a shot glass and…
1: Drink every time Tim uses a multi-syllable word incorrectly.
2: Drink every time Tim states the obvious like it is a profound insight.
3: Drink every time Tim calls the play wrong.
4: Drink every time Tim gets a player’s name wrong.
5: Drink every time one of Tim’s inane comments is met with stoney silence by the other broadcasters in the booth.
My guarantee is you’ll be drunk by the bottom of the 1st inning! “


Is Tim McCarver that bad?  Not if the volume is on zero.





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  1. McCarver is crazy. this is a video of him swearing during game 1 of the alcs. joe buck corrects him and he shows how senial and retarded he is. classic.


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