US Celluar Field has Y2K issue

Rich B from the Home Run Derby crunches the home run numbers on US Celluar Field. Apparently, they are WAY up since year 2000.

The most impressive renovation was in 2004 with the removal of the last eight rows of the stadium (6,600 seats the Sox weren’t selling anyway) and the addition of a roof which covered almost the entire upper deck. The roof and other adjustments have made the park both more aesthetic and much more potent …

US Cellular HR Numbers

  • 1991-1999: 150.9 HR/YR, 34.85 AB/HR
  • 2000-2006: 232.3 HR/YR, 23.92 AB/HR

Honestly, I have never noticed this before. Surprised none of my Sox friends brought this up.

Anyway, Rich has a simply snarky tone in his posts. That’s not ALWAYS bad, is it? Not if you have the numbers to back it up, I guess.

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  1. Hey – Thanks for the ping.

    We’ve since reviewed the myth of poor April offense at Wrigley Field


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