Author: Just one blown call saved worth it

I honestly couldn’t tell if Childs Walker was being sarcastic in his comments about instant replay via The Baltimore Sun.  (emphasis mine)

Instead, commissioner Bud Selig implemented limited replay as soon as he reached agreements with his players and umpires. If the technology saves even one blown call down the stretch this season, it was worth it.

Really?  Just one blown call saved would be worth it?  All the money spent to put this in place.  All the dissension from those who disagree with the policy? 

A little perspective, please.

Bill Klem would have something to say about that.

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  1. Mike Murphy (I don’t often quote Mike Murphy) says: When trying to understand the reason something happens, always FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    In my opinion, the purpose of Instant Replay is NOT to get the calls correct. I speculate that MLB executives (and team executives) view Instant Replay as an opportunity to run three minutes of commercials while the play is being reviewed. Nothing more; nothing less.

    Look at it from that angle and it’s a money maker from Day One.

    Over the top long term conclusion: At least I will be dead (I will be 60 in October) before television, ownership and the unending pursuit of $$$ finish ruining both College and Professional Sports.

    Boy did I get up on the wrong side of the bed today!!!


  2. DonS, I agree, when MLB does ANYTHING it’s about the money.

    But I really hadn’t thought about that angle. At this point, the difference really is negligible.

    /where’s my tin hat?

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