Ballgirl video hoists viral marketing campaign

A few people have sent me a link to a video of the ballgirl who caught the foul ball in left field to the supposed amazement of the leftfielder.  It does look pretty amazing.  Unfortunately, it’s a hoax.

It’s part of a viral marketing campaign by a sports drink company.  The ballgirl in question is stuntwoman Phoenix Brown and the video was apparently shot during and after a game by the Fresno Grizzlies and Tacoma Rainiers. 

Brown was attached to wires in order to make the big jump. 

The viral marketing campaign has been effective.  On YouTube alone, the video has been viewed over a half million times and each time a bottle of the sports drink is prominently displayed at the end of video.  In addition, any talk of the viral campaign brings them more advertising. 

Come on guys, did you really think a ballplayer was going to let a girl show him up like that?

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