Keep partisan politics out of the Clemens case

The idea of politicians getting involved in the Roger Clemens matter just makes me shake my head and wonder.  Yet, sure enough, there are rumors that folks in Washington are coming to the Rocket’s aid. 

We had the same thing here at the University of Illinois when we had the nasty situation with the Chief.  When the Chief’s existence was being threatened, many state legislators took action.  Those misguided leaders, who apparently didn’t have enough to do with their tax-paid time and effort, made their lofty statements and attempted to pass resolutions to support the controversial mascot. 

Despite how you felt about the Chief, it’s obvious (to me at least) that not only was it inappropriate use of their position, it was a obvious ploy for votes. 

That all said, I ask all politicians to steer clear of the Clemens case.  Clemens’ connection to the Bush family and any endorsement or implied pardon just gets in the way of finding the truth. 

Oh, it goes both way too, Democrats… Clemens was almost booed by members of Congress yesterday, most likely Democrats. 

Please… just do your job and do it professionally.

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