MLBPA web site has the 411

I was doing some research on how arbitration works and ran across the MLB Player Association’s web site

A side note:  Interestingly, the MLBPA web site is hosted by  I’m trying to envision a situation where the UAW was getting help from say, GM.  I just don’t see it.  But we’re talking a different reality here, I guess. 

Anyway, the MLBPA’s web site has a very informative Frequently Asked Questions list that explains a lot about everything.  So much so that a dunce like me can understand. 

For example, the question I was researching… Who has benefited most from arbitration, the players or owners?  I was under the impression that arbitration usually went in favor of the player.  Not so.

Since 1974, and including 2006, arbitrators have ruled on behalf of the players 199 times and clubs 269 times. Although the number of players filing for salary arbitration varies per year, the majority of cases are settled before the arbitration hearing date. For example, since 1990, 1,764 cases were filed and 198 were heard, which means approximately 88 percent of the players filing for arbitration reach new agreements before a hearing.

Other interesting tidbits:

Q: How much are union dues? 

A: The players’ dues are $50 per day during the season.

Q: How many agents are certified by the MLBPA? 

A: The Association has over 300 certified agents on record.

Finally, one neat feature of the MLBPA’s web site is that on their front page, they have links to individual players’ web sites and blogs.   Here is their full list. 


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