War of words between execs


Looks like MLS commish Don Garber and Yanks prez Randy Levine are having a hissy fight… all over the issue of attendance figures.

Sez Levine:

"Don Garber discussing Yankee attendance must be a joke.  We draw more people in a year than his entire league does in a year. If he ever gets Major League Soccer into the same time zone as the Yankees, we might take him seriously… Hey Don, worry about Beckham, not the Yankees. Even he wants out of your league.

Garber had earlier made a comment about the empty front row seats at Yankee Stadium. 

There’s no point in taking sides in this one.  They’re both being idiotic.  Garber is taking on the seven-headed giant and worse, Levine is stooping to respond to the comment in a rather childish manner. 

Take a time out, guys. 

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