25 things we miss

I enjoyed reading through Sports Illustrated’s list of 25 Things We Miss in Baseball

There’s no reason to expect any of the listed 25 will ever come back nor for the most part, should they… we live in a different world (#11- Fans Running Out onto the Field, #9- Wimpy Middle Infielders)

But I get it.  Some of the listed are products of baseball when it was a sport in age of more innocence.  And if wasn’t innocent, we didn’t know it. 

I still would like to hear organ music (#13) at a ballpark and quality mustaches (#7) would certainly bring some character to the game (Rollie Fingers, anyone?)

(link via Circling the Bases)

2 Responses to “25 things we miss”

  1. Number 22, “Old School Managers”, makes me laugh. I just read Daniel Okrent’s “Nine Innings”. Earl Weaver was a central figure in the book, and Okrent wrote about how he compiled a ton of game- and player-related information on index cards, referring them when making managerial decisions.

    Basically, Earl Weaver would’ve been the first guy with a computer and printouts and spreadsheets and all that, because they would have helped him win.

  2. that’s very interesting about Weaver. From what I’ve read/heard about him, he always struck me as a “manage from your gut” kind of a manager.

    “pitching, fundamentals, and three run homeruns” :)

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