An Obscene Auction Entry from 1898

Robert Edward Auctions seems to have a dilemma on their hands. They have in possesion a baseball-related document from 1898 which rivals Lee Elia’s rant when it comes to blue language.

“Reading this document started out very drab for a sentence or two, but then quickly got our attention as the language used became very unexpected for an official Major League baseball document… It turned “blue,” and, well, got “bluer.” This piece is ironic as it provides many examples of exactly the kind of “brutal language” that was being outlawed. In fact, it is so over the top that at first we thought it was some type of a joke. But as we examined the paper, found that this language did exist in the 1890s… “

At the time of this post, they were still deciding what to do with the item. Let me say before throwing up the link that the language in the actual scanned document is indeed NOT for the easily offended. The post itself which you’ll find at Robert Edward Auctions’ website is fine.

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