Lee Elia- Motivational Speaker


The article I referenced in my previous post mentioned Lee Elia and his famous rant while he was a manager with the Cubs.

Elia was not a very successful manager.  Overall, he was 238-300 with the Cubs and Phillies.  But mention his name to any Cub fan and without a doubt, his rant will come up.  Among my baseball friends, he has been raised to an hero/anti-hero status for his chat with the media on April 29, 1983.

On that day, the Cubs suffered a one-run loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers giving them a record of 5-14 for the season.  The Wrigley crowd had been especially hard on the team, booing and heckling them throughout the game.

To see the mainstream media print his rant is laughable because every other word is censored.  Here is the complete text of his tirade to the press that day.

Before I link the audio, let me say on the outset that this is definitely not safe for work, kids or anyone sensitive to harsh language.  Listen to it here.

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