Oldest ex-MLB player Stiles passes

Rollie Stiles, known to be the oldest former big league player died on Sunday.

Stiles’ MLB stats for his 3 year career

My first thought after reading this was… Who is the oldest now?

(hat tip, Baseball Musings)

Update:  Wikipedia has the (now updated) list of 31 oldest living MLB players.  Right now, 99-year Billy Werber tops the list. 

Werber played 1295 games from 1930 to 1942 and played for the Yankees, Red Sox, Athletics, Reds, and Giants. 

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  1. Ronnie?

  2. “Noooooo! Nooooooo!”

    I thought someone would mention Julio Franco here.

    Interesting that the list includes two Chicago managers, Gutteridge and Franks. One player on the list made his debut for the White Sox in October 1937. That couldn’t have been in the WS, so those people who think the season is too long now… just think; that was only 154 games.

    I believe Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe passed away not that long ago, at an age over 90. But up until very shortly before he died, he was often seen at Comiskey taking in a game.

    And during the 2005 Series, all the TV stations and newspapers interviewed the oldest White Sox player, who was still in the Chicago area.

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