Tune into Baseball’s Greatest Hits

Imagine a radio show where all they play are baseball songs.  Well. that’s essentially what you get with baseball author and historian Wayne McCombs’ podcast, Baseball’s Greatest Hits. 

I got some time to listen to a couple shows and believe me, his songs run the gamut.  I heard team-specific ditties like Harry Caray’s “The Cardinals are on the way, Tra-la, Tra-la” as well as Ol’ Blue Eyes singing “There Used to be a Ballpark”. 

McCombs sometimes includes interviews.  One I heard was a conversation between Jack Buck and Jonathan Winters which was quite funny (I’m a big Winters fan). 

There are commercials and interestingly they are local ones for the Oklahoma area. 

So check out Baseball’s Greatest Hits if you are looking for music from our favorite sport.  FYI… you can also get it on iTunes. 



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