Vic Power

Vic Power, RIP


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  1. Another Vic Power Story: When he played in Kansas City, he used to drive that orchard-colored Cadillac however he wantedto drive it. That meant with his arm around a white woman. It also meant he didn’t pay any attention to the stop lights or stop signs.

    On occasion, he was stopped by the cops. His explanation was always, “I thought those signs were just for white people. EVERYTHING ELSE in this town is.”

    Vic Power is one of the three best fielding first basemen I have ever seen (fan since 1959). J T Snow is another. The third slot: I keep changing my mind. Wes Parker. Derrick Lee. John Olerud. Steve Garvey, Joe Boo (Paul Sorrento), Todd Helton. If we include part-timers, Mike Hegan, Dave Stapleton, Frank Torre.


  2. looking at his stats, i was impressed that he was able/willing to play many other positions.

    According to Baseball Reference, he year in and year out, put in a few games at second, third, outfield and or short.

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