Woody gets his night

Last night, the Giants honored Kirk Rueter. Complete with a life-sized statue.

Now, Rueter wasn’t a household name or anything, And to say he faced the batter with any sort of intimidation would be laughable. In his later years, he sometimes had more walks than strikeouts.


he won games.

He wasn’t a 20-game winner or anything like that. but he did win double-digits seven years in a row all for the Giants. And he is the SF Giants all time leader in wins for a lefty.

Buzz’ pal?

Something I didn’t know until just recently… his nickname Woody came from the fact that he looks something like Woody from the movie Toy Story.

The more you know.

Corrected: he is the SF Giants leader in wins, not Giants.

thanks, Captain Will for catching that.

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  1. I don’t think Woody is the Giants all-time winner for lefties. Maybe the SF Giants but not the franchise. Carl Hubbell won 253 games for the NY Giants.

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