Baseball and Podcasting

I have just bought an iPod.  So far, I love it.  The tunes are crystal clear and I like the way it organizes my songs. 


However, music is not the only reason for my iPod.  There is the relatively new technology called Podcasting.  For those not familiar, podcasting is essentially subscription (free or otherwise) to audio files to download listen on your Ipod (you can also listen on your computer as well).  The phenomenon of podcasting is being used to broadcast information on a variety of topics such as news, entertainment, technology, hobbies, and sports.

Yes, sports!  My favorite at this point is Cubscast.  Check it out.  They have daily podcasts that you can download.   

For example, Cubcast’s topic for yesterday’s podcast is:

 Thursday November 17th’s podcast, featuring commentary on baseball’s new harsher steroids penalties, the Cubs dealing Jon Leicester to the Rangers, and Larry Rothchild’s candid remarks on pitcher injuries

Even if you don’t have an iPod the Cubscast web site has interesting info at least if you are a Cub fan.

But why stop there?  There are countless baseball-related podcasts out there.  One such site is which carries podcasts on all sports topics.  This link will list the baseball podcasts

Let me emphasize that if you haven’t joined the iPod generation, there’s no need to fret.  You can easily download the podcasts and listen to them on your computer.


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