Baseball Zealot Radio covers the awards (so far)

Happy Birthday to Baseball Zealot Radio!  One year ago today, we had our first podcast with me interviewing Teddy Ballgame down in Arizona covering the Arizona Fall League.  Listening to that first episode, I can tell we’ve come pretty far.

It’s Chuck and I for this episode.  Chuck wasn’t with us when we first started one year ago.  But Teddy and I got talking and we thought he would be a valuable addition to our show.  With his knowledge of baseball both current and historical, he’s been a great asset.

Anyway, here are the show notes for Show #34:

Show Notes for Episode 34:

Hosts: Tom, Chuck:

Summary: Chuck and I review the Gold Glove, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, and Cy Young awards.  We take a look forward to the MVP award next week.

An email that we get prompts some discussion about the 1922 St Louis Browns.

The Veterans Committee is voting on executives and managers so we give our opinions.  Also, the Ford Frick voting is near and fans can help narrow the selection.  Chuck and I discuss what it means exactly to be in the Hall of Fame.

Links we talked about:

Bob Bavasi’s Guide to Japanese Baseball

Veterans Committee Ballots Announced

2008 Ford Frick Award

Time: 51:26

Date Recorded: 11/18/07

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