Podcast Review: Baseball Today at MLB Radio

Sometimes when I goof up, something good comes of it.

I was on my way out and wanted a good baseball show to listen to on my iPod. Instead of using Juice*, I decided to download a podcast manually. I decided on MLB’s Fantasy 411. I clicked, dragged, and was on my way.

When I eventually listened to the podcast, I realized that it wasn’t Fantasy 411 I downloaded but its companion show, Baseball Today. And boy, I’m glad I did.

I must admit the topics of today’s episode were rather interesting to me. First, they had interviewed Cubs’ bench manager Dick Pole who had some insight on the Prior matter. Oh and host Vinny Micucci did ask Pole about the possibility of moving Kerry Wood to the pen… Pole skillfully dodged that one saying that the Cubs need to get Wood healthy and when he is he’ll be back in the rotation.

The next interview was with Dodger rookie catcher Russ Martin. Martin is one of the Dodgers’ several hot rookies this year. The Canadian import gave a very honest, sincere interview.

For those interested in Baseball Today, this is the rss feed.

Squeeze the Juice

*Oh, Juice. What is Juice? Juice is a podcast aggregator (formerly known as iPodder). Once you initially enter in the rss feed for the podcasts you are interested in, you no longer need manually go to the web page to download the podcast.

I find it to be a very handy utility. In the morning before I leave for work, I click one button and it downloads all the podcasts I like to listen to and then all I need to do is drag them to my iPod. It’s a lot easier than doing it manually.

Juice is free and available for download here.

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2 Responses to “Podcast Review: Baseball Today at MLB Radio”

  1. I have never downloaded a podcast. Would you tell me how? I’ve got media player classic but can use Media Player 10 if necessary.

    I’m working on buying a media player called iRiver, or something.

  2. DD,
    if you’re just going to listen to it on your computer, it’s pretty easy. most podcast sites have a link to the mp3 file. just click on that and (assuming you have a media player configured) it will ask if you want to open it (in other words, play it) or if you want to save it.

    If you want to keep it for later, save it. Otherwise, open it and it will play the podcast.

    downloading podcasts for playing on a portable players is a little more complicated and really depends on the brand of player you have.

    When you do get one and end up having trouble, let me know.

    A good resource is Wikipedia’s web page on podcasting (the link is on the left side of the TBZ web page).
    hope this helps..


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