Bonehead Brett

Indians Blue Jays BaseballIn last night’s baseball game between the Red Sox and the Blue Jays in Toronto, rookie lefty Brett Cecil did something so stupid, Little Leaguers were shaking their heads.  The umpires were so stupifide that they had to meet before deciding what to do.  Cecil had just walked Jason Bay when he noticed a scuff mark on the baseball, so he wanted a new ball, most pitchers would rather just use the scuffed baseball to their advantage, making the ball do pretty much what they wanted it to do, but that wasn’t even the dumb part.  Rather than asking the umpire for a new baseball and exchanging spheres with him, Brett simply rolled the live ball into the Jays dugout, without getting timeout.  The umpires originally sent Bay to secondbase, but after meeting, decided he should be awarded thirdbase.  Jason would score on a one-out single by Mike Lowell through a drawn in infield.  Everything seemed to fall apart from there as Toronto committed three errors, as Boston went on to win 8-1.

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