Funnyman Joe Buck

Turns out Joe Buck was only joking.  He’s such a kidder, that Joe. 

For those that missed it, Buck made comments on an ESPN Radio interview that he barely watches any sports (he prefers the “Bachelorette”).  He went on to complain about the length of the game of the baseball ad nauseam. 

I don’t what’s worse.  What Buck said originally, his lame excuse (he says that he was “joking about his TV habits” , or the a—kissing interviewer during the radio interview.  God, who listens to that guy??

A swing and a miss for Joe.

One Response to “Funnyman Joe Buck”

  1. The same Joe Buck that was quoted in regards to Randy Moss that “vile, no place in society” human being. Buck said that as he walked into the Playboy party at the super bowl back when Jax hosted.he had a woman on each arm at the time. I HATE HIM. Of course, hes the one getting the threesome!

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