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Baseball Digest Daily covers the Postseason

Eric SanInocencio contacted me to plug his baseball talk show, Baseball Digest Daily.  I took a listen and it’s a good one. 

When it comes to guests, BDD gets some pretty top draws.  The show I listened to billed as the "Playoff Roundtable", featured ESPN’s Buster Olney as well as Chicago Tribune’s Mark Gonzalez and Adam Rubin from the NY Daily News. 

This show (dated 9/27) is an apt show to start with as they preview the postseason.  Give it a listen. 


Baseball Zealot Radio: Roundtable with Todd and Chuck

Our first roundtable of the season.  We get through it without majorly insulting each other’s teams.

I talk college baseball with Chuck and he even sounded somewhat interested.

Trivia question for the week (thanks to DonS):

When Barry Bonds played last year he was the career leader among all active players in these 3 categories’  On Base %, Home Run ratio, and Runs scored.  Since he is not playing this year who then are the new leaders in those same 3 categories? Hint: It’s 3 different players.

You could look it up or you could listen to the podcast.  Listening to the podcast is more fun, I guarantee it.


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Tim Kuda takes on the Minor Leagues

Tim Kuda, a popular baseball podcaster who has done the Tim Kuda Show, is switching gears and focusing on minor league action.  His new show is called Minor League Baseball Radio and can be found at http://www.milbradio.com

MLBR is a live show which debuts this week with interviews with minor league coaches, prospects and other personnel.  The show is broadcasted live on Monday nights at 10pm. 

Next week’s show includes:

Oakland Athletics Minor League Spring Training Coverage including:

            Conversations with Midland RockHounds Pitching Coach Scott Emerson and top organization pitching prospect Trevor Cahill.


Kansas City Royals Minor League Spring Training Coverage including:

            2007 #2 over draft pick and top prospect Mike Moustakas and Wilmington Blue Rocks Manager Darryl Kennedy.

For those who can’t listen to the show live, it is available for download or you can listen at their website.

Baseball Zealot Radio gets a Spring Training update from Teddy Ballgame

grapefruit12 Tedd Mallasch (aka Teddy Ballgame) is down in Florida and enjoying some Grapefruit League action.  He called up to give us an update on what’s happening down there.

If you haven’t already, read some of Teddy’s articles he written from Florida.  He’s posted to the blog pretty much daily since he went down there.

As always, it was a pleasure to talk to Teddy.  Hopefully, it won’t be the last time as he is headed to Arizona to see some Cactus League games later this month.



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Baseball Zealot Radio #39: It’s Spring Training!

After some interviews on Baseball Zealot Radio the past few weeks, regular Todd and I finally get a chance to chat. As always, I’m treated to a bittersweet update of his team, the Pirates. I don’t give him too much crap about his team though… if I do, he’ll ask me which team actually won a World Championship (more than one, actually) in our lifetime.

In episode 39, we cover the latest in baseball news in light of the first week of spring training.


Time: 45:10

Date Recorded: 2/17/08

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Baseball Zealot Radio interviews Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog

I’ve said it before but one thing I like about doing a podcast is being in contact with other baseball people. I’ve been emailing and chatting online with Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog for over a year and a half but this is the first time I’ve talked to him.

Brian warned me ahead of time about his Boston accent. Funny, I didn’t notice it at all (that’s a joke if you don’t get around to listening to the podcast. He’s got a wonderful one).

For those who are into college baseball and haven’t seen The College Baseball Blog, please take five minutes and do so. You’ll thank me later.

Now, the show notes…

Hosts: Tom:

Summary: I interview Brian Foley from The College Baseball Blog. Brian chats a bit how The College Blog came about, sums up the 2007 college postseason and gives us a pre-season look at this year’s college baseball. Finally, we discuss where college baseball is headed as a college sport.


The College Baseball Blog

Time: 28:39

Date Recorded: 2/10/08

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Baseball Zealot Radio interviews Haunted Baseball author Dan Gordon

It’s spooky enough that a Red Sox fan and a Yankee fan can get together and accomplish anything but the book Haunted Baseball (which has its own brand of spookiness) is proof enough that it can happen.

Dan Gordon (the Red Sox fan) is my guest this week on Baseball Zealot Radio and he’s talking up the book. Here are the show notes:

Show Notes for Episode 37:

Hosts: Tom:

Summary: In this week’s show, I interview author Dan Gordon who has just come out with his book, Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends and Eerie Events with co-author Mickey Bradley. Dan talks about the impetus to write his book and relates some of the stories he heard when he and Mickey interviewed hundreds of baseball players in researching the book.


Haunted Baseball book web site

Haunted Baseball review on The Baseball Zealot

Time: 22:28

Date Recorded: 2/5/08

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BZR Interview with MLBTradeRumors.com’s Tim Dierkes

I’ve been a fan of Tim Dierkes’ RotoAuthority.com for a couple years.  I thought I’d have Tim on Baseball Zealot Radio to talk about his other site, MLBTradeRumors.com which has been around for a little over a year now.  The way I hear it, the response to it has been overwhelming.

Anyway, it’s the perfect timing to have someone on who specializes in MLB hot stove action.  We take some time to chat with him and find out a little about him then talk some MLB.

Bonus points for Tim for being a U of I alum.

Enough jabbering… the show notes:


Show Notes for Episode 36:

Hosts: Tom:

Summary: Tim Dierkes is our guest for our first episode of 2008.  Tim has two web sites, MLBTradeRumors.com and RotoAuthority.com.  He talks a bit about his background and his work with both sites.

We then talk about some of the pressing hot stove issues including Johan Santana, Erik Bedard, and Joe Crede.


Time: 21:35

Date Recorded: 1/30/08

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#35 Baseball Zealot Radio- Hot Stove plus Frick Ballot, Veterans Committee HOF Selections


Todd and Chuck join me for episode number 35 when we discuss all the baseball that’s been in the news lately.  It’s worth a listen just to hear Chuck do his Ron Santo impression.

Thanks to Todd for the PirateFest link.  He informed me that it still only costs $10/day.  I emailed him back with some smart-a** comment about “you get what you pay for”.

He came back with something about 2 World Series in his lifetime.

Anyway, here are the show notes:

Link to Show #35

Hosts: Tom, Chuck, Todd:

Summary: It’s December but there has been a lot of baseball news lately.  Todd, Chuck and I discuss the Ford Frick ballot, the Veterans Committee selections for the HOF as well as the latest trades and signings in light of the Winter Meetiings.

Links we talked about:

2008 Cubs Convention

2008 PirateFest

2008 SoxFest

Time: 48:35

Date Recorded: 12/9/07

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Other Baseball Zealot Radio Episodes

Baseball Zealot Radio covers the awards (so far)

Happy Birthday to Baseball Zealot Radio!  One year ago today, we had our first podcast with me interviewing Teddy Ballgame down in Arizona covering the Arizona Fall League.  Listening to that first episode, I can tell we’ve come pretty far.

It’s Chuck and I for this episode.  Chuck wasn’t with us when we first started one year ago.  But Teddy and I got talking and we thought he would be a valuable addition to our show.  With his knowledge of baseball both current and historical, he’s been a great asset.

Anyway, here are the show notes for Show #34:

Show Notes for Episode 34:

Hosts: Tom, Chuck:

Summary: Chuck and I review the Gold Glove, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, and Cy Young awards.  We take a look forward to the MVP award next week.

An email that we get prompts some discussion about the 1922 St Louis Browns.

The Veterans Committee is voting on executives and managers so we give our opinions.  Also, the Ford Frick voting is near and fans can help narrow the selection.  Chuck and I discuss what it means exactly to be in the Hall of Fame.

Links we talked about:

Bob Bavasi’s Guide to Japanese Baseball

Veterans Committee Ballots Announced

2008 Ford Frick Award

Time: 51:26

Date Recorded: 11/18/07

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