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Cirque du Soleil performer Gabryel Nogueira da Silva wins the prize for the coolest delivery on a ceremonial first pitch of a game.  He twirled and twisted before hurling the ball toward home plate at Monday’s game between the Royals and Padres. 


Rain delay boredom leads to crazy antics

It’s all fun till someone tears a muscle, guys.

Pujols and his jugs

Albert Pujols says “Winners use JUGS”?

fri indiana st 301

taken at the opposition dugout at last night’s Illinois baseball game

Beltre has this thing about head rubbing

it’s true… Adrian Beltre reacts badly whenever anyone, even teammates, rubs his head.  Someone has even posted a collection of videos of him getting his noggin rubbed up and his rather upset reaction to it. 

Now he’s with the Rangers but it doesn’t look like his new teammates are too sensitive to his concerns.

Take Elvis Andrus, for example:

Oh yeah … a bunch of times. He better get used to it. He might kick my tail, but I’m going to do it.

What is it, March? He’ll be in for a long year

Like we need to re-live THAT

This was passed on to me and I got a good chuckle out of it

From the warped minds at The Heckler:


heh, “epic journey to fifth place”.

My cat’s getting hopped up on her treats


I chuckled a bit when the wife brought these Feline “Greenies” treats home for our cat.  Whatever gets our cat through her day, I guess.

My first thought?  Pete Rose.

I ran this by a younger baseball fan (by younger, I mean someone born after the Ford Administration).  He gave me a blank stare.  Perhaps the more “seasoned” baseball fans out there remember the significance of “greenies” in baseball.

Oh yeah, drugs aren’t funny. 



NOT the Reason I use Twitter


Ugliest uniforms, really??


Life.com  presents us with a slideshow of “Baseball’s Ugliest Uniforms. Ever.”

I respectfully disagree on some of them.  Many include uniforms from the 1970s.  Those unis were bright, colorful and some would even say gaudy.  They reflected the times when people sought to differentiate themselves and saw no shame in it. 

Later, the late 90s and the 00s brought us the era of conformity and corporate standardization in term of uniforms.  Even the smallest change brings the loudest call of condemnation.  The other symptom of recent times is the constant change in uniforms or excuses to bring out a new line uniforms presumably to increase the bottom line for MLB. 

So yes, getting back to my original point, I do like the older 70s uniforms.  They may be gaudy from today’s perspective but they hearken back to a day when I grew up with the game.

Besides, if you want to talk about ugly baseball uniforms, I’m surprised Life.com didn’t have THESE on their list:


Sorry Sox fans but those WERE ugly.

Tim Lincecum models a Snuggie

A rather humorous, behind-the-scenes video of Tim Lincecum modeling a SF Giants Snuggie. 

Yo Tim, you’re supposed to keep your pants on when you put a Snuggie on!



Zeile fun

Looks like someone is floating Todd Zeile’s name out as a HOF candidate

All kidding aside, Teddy Ballgame already posted earlier about TZ being the only player to hit for more than ten major league teams. 

Apparently, he also committed more errors than anyone in the 1990s, a record I never knew about.