Illinois-Ohio State matchup this weekend!

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#27 Ohio State is coming to town this weekend (most likely, they’re already here) to face #25 University of Illinois Fighting Illini.  The biggest series of the season is almost upon us. 

I did an interview of Drew Grigsby, die-hard fan Buckeye fan and he gives a rather in-depth look at our adversaries.  It’s posted at Illinois Baseball Report where you’ll also find the schedule for the weekend. 

The weather reports promise that the rain will clear up this afternoon so I’m looking forward to a great weekend!

If you’re in the area, come on out this weekend and support the Illini baseball team!

2 Responses to “Illinois-Ohio State matchup this weekend!”

  1. gentlemen,
    I realize this is a pro fighting Illini/ Cubs site, as I am a HUGE fan of both, but the biggest news today was Manny blowing it big time & you report about the Buckeyes coming to town!! Come on guys
    And as you state baseball from both ends of the spectrum. I think Manny BLOWING it big time is what we fans want to hear.
    Other than that keep up the good work.

    The Greek Freaque

  2. GF,
    You are so right.

    I’m actually working on a piece on how the media is reacting to the Manny thing and the importance of independent media outlets

    Since OSU is in town for 3 days straight and my time limited, it might not come out till next week.

    but I do appreciate the input..


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