A belated welcome to Jim Edmonds

R.J. Anderson from Beyond the Box Score lists his lineup of players over 35 who are playing well.  Guess who he has down at center field??

Jim Edmonds of the Chicago Cubs. 

Ok, Cub fans, be honest.  How many of you winced when heard that the Cubs were picking up Diamond Jim in mid-May?  Or were you like me and figured that the price was right and there wasn’t much risk in the pickup.  Many against the deal were Cardinal-haters who were letting that get in the way of logic. 

Edmonds has generally been a power-type hitter who isn’t afraid to take a walk.  Generally speaking, those qualities don’t tend to deteriorate as much with age compared to a speed guy who hits for average. 

Edmonds’ stats for the total season are nothing to write home about.  If you throw out his stats from San Diego and only look at his numbers since he came to the Cubs on May 15, he pretty much typifies his career stats.


Jim Edmonds With Cubs 2008 Career
Batting average .283 .286
OBP .379 .377
Slugging Pct .566 .527


Jim Edmonds throughout his career has been an excellent defensive centerfielder.  Granted, any outfielder will lose a step or two with age and Edmonds is no exception.  That said, he’s holding his own and actually doing alright. 

And for those Cardinal-haters who need an excuse to accept Jim Edmonds, apparently he and LaRussa are duking it out in the press about Edmonds’ comments about being happy to be a Cubs. 

Welcome to the Cubs, Jim!

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