Baseball World Cup underway

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Yes, it’s true… there is no off-season. 

The Arizona Fall League will be concluding its season next week.  But before you think that you’ll be getting a break in actual baseball news, here comes the Baseball World Cup held in Taipei, Republic of China.

Team USA is doing ok by themselves so far in the “Road to Beijing”.  They’ve won every game save a 6-2 loss to Italy.  Every other game has been won convincingly (including today’s 12-1 drubbing of Spain, thanks to Andy LaRoche’s two homers). 

Here are the results/schedule.

Davey Johnson, who is on the 2008 ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame, fortunately has something to keep his mind off it.  He’s the manager of Team USA.  Cub fans will note that OF Tyler Colvin is on the roster.

One more thing of interest… former University of Illinois alum and current Cub minor leaguer, Chris Robinson is starting catcher for Team Canada.  Unfortunately for Chris, Team Canada has taken a few tough losses though they crushed Thailand 18-0. 

Earlier this year, Robbie was nice enough to grant us at Baseball Zealot Radio an interview while he was at spring training. 

One last link… you can get some pretty good on-the spot coverage of the Baseball World Cup at the Countdown to the Olympics blog. 

Update:  LaRoche keeps it comin’.  He goes 3 for 3 with 3 rbis in a Team USA win against South Africa.

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