Cubs: again with the "not winning on the road" thing

I had hoped the All-Star break would have done the Cubs some good.  More than a couple Cub fans had commented to me on how “tired” the Cubs had looked before the break.  In particular, Carlos Marmol who almost didn’t look like he didn’t want to be out there pitching. 

Fast forward to after the break.  It looks like the Cubs still need to learn how to win on the road.  As of this writing, they’ve lost two at Minute Maid Park.  As good as the Cubs’ overall record is (57-40), their 20-28 away record is abysmal.  Without taking the time to compare, I’m sure their +.329 home/away differential is the highest in the league. 

Like I’ve been telling anyone who would listen, even if they do make playoffs with such a record, let’s face it; Roughly half (more now after the All-Star Game loss) will be on the road.  The Cubs will need to learn to become road warriors. 

Other Notes from Wrigley:

Friday’s 2-1 wasted effort of Ted Lilly’s fine seven inning performance makes the Cubs dead even (15-15) in one-run games.  Among NL Central teams, only Houston has a losing record in that category (yes, baseball fans, that includes Pittsburgh).

Also, it looks like we got Chad Gaudin just in time.  Not only is Jon Lieber headed to the disabled list with a sore right foot but now there’s talk of putting Kerry Wood to the DL, too.  Wood’s got’s a blister on his right index finger.  So sayeth Skipper Lou:

“We’ll miss a week [that way], it might not be a week.  We’ve got a fresh pitching staff, why for three or four days take that chance? If we had a real tired pitching staff or we had some injuries, it’s a different story. Right now, the decision’s been made to ride it out a little bit longer. And if we have to [DL him] we will.”

Wood hasn’t pitched since mid-July so the move would be retroactive. 

Finally, an article from yesterday’ Chicago Trib on a firm who has made a “firm offer” for Wrigley Field.

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