Cubs Convention in Two Weeks


There’s one more indication that baseball is in the air.  Two weeks from today, the 2008 Cubs Convention begins.  I got my ticket in the mail this afternoon. 

This year’s pass, seen above, contrasts greatly from the one from last year.  The one from 2007 was a cautiously optimistic photo of new manager Lou Piniella (so new, I thought that they didn’t have a photo of him with a Cubs cap).

This year’s has a jubilant Alfonso Soriano almost leaping across the pass.  A very cool photo. 

Near as I can tell, there has been no announcement of who will be attending this year’s convention.  If I remember correctly, they usually announce this kind of stuff the week of the event.  So we have to make do with the lists of players from last year and hope that this year’s event will be similar. 

But alas, no Rod Beck.  He was pretty popular with the fans in 2007.

Check out my notes and photos from the 2007 Cubs Convention.  It was my first ever and I had a blast. 

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