Cubs give up on Pie… it was only a matter of time

Felix Pie has been traded to the Baltimore Orioles.  The fact that he’s been traded shouldn’t come as too much as a surprise to Cub fans.  The acquisition of Joey Gathright was pretty much the final nail in Pie’s coffin as a Cub.

In return for Pie, the Cubs got back LHP Garret Olson and RHP Henry Williamson. 

Looking at USA Today’s fantasy profile on Olson, it’s hard to find any positives.  That page is filled with words like, “mess”, pathetic performance” and “ugly numbers”.  I can say that up until he got to the majors 2007, his K/9 hovered around 9.0.  But his 6.00+ ERA last year doesn’t inspire confidence. 

Henry Williamson is more of an unknown having pitched professionally for 2 years with only 90 innings under his belt.  Last year in A ball, he struck out 42 in only 29 innings if a small sample size is any indication.

Will Felix Pie flourish or at least survive in the Orioles organization.  If he follows Corey Patterson’s pattern, he might have some share of success.  A change of venue has always helped Pie.  Unfortunately for him, the successes he’s had have been in the minors and winter ball.  Once placed in the bigs, all the talents that Felix was supposed to possess seem to vanish.

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