Cubs sign Fukudome!

Breaking News!!

The Chicago Cubs have signed Kosuke Fukudome for four years.  The reported amount is around $45-50 mil. 

Details are sketchy but the Sun-Times has them. Ironically at this point, the Chicago Tribune sports page does not. 

Update:  Here’s the Tribune article posted a few minutes later.

3 Responses to “Cubs sign Fukudome!”

  1. Tom,

    I actually saw this first on TBZ — so you broke it for me. Love the new layout by the way. Keep it up man.


  2. Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome and the Chicago Cubs reached a preliminary agreement Tuesday on a $48 million, four-year contract.

    First reaction: Is Jon Coutlangus still a member of Dusty Baker’s Reds bullpen? I wish Harry Caray could come back for one day to announce that pitcher-batter matchup.

    Serious analysis: Fukudome is a left-handed hitter and a fast outfielder, both of which the Cubs need. I’ll bet he plays right, with Pie in center…Those who expect another ICHIRO will, I think, be disappointed. There is only one ICHIRO. But Kosuke might be another Shemp (Hideki Matsui), and that would be a very good thing…Isn’t the price tag kind of low for modern baseball? I wonder why.


  3. haha, love the Harry reference.

    And agree with your analysis of the Ichiro comparison. Somewhere i read that baseball pundits and fans too often compare hitting/fielding/pitching abilities of players along racial lines.

    Maybe we could come up with some comparisons of Fuk that don’t necessarily draw on the Japanese factor.


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