Cubs’ Ted Lilly puts his vote in for Reed Johnson

Does Reed Johnson deserve another year shot with the Cubs?

Ted Lilly thinks so.  And he’s not shy about it, either.

So after the Cubs’ 4-0 loss to Pittsburgh in the opener of a doubleheader, Lilly entered the postgame interview room wearing a T-shirt that read: "With Reed We Will Succeed."

"Hey, I believe it," Lilly said. "I definitely enjoy playing with the guy. Regardless of what happens with any of the players next year, our front office is going to do the best job they can.”

Word has it that Lilly, Johnson, Ryan Theriot, Ryan Dempster and the now traded Mark DeRosa are a pretty “tight” group and Lilly doesn’t want to see this group split up anymore than it is already.

True, Johnson had a down year this year but in 2008 it seemed every time I turned on the Cubs’ highlights, there was Reed Johnson either making a fantastic play in the field or getting a clutch hit. 

That all said, I think it’s time to get Sam Fuld a chance.  At 27, he’s not getting any younger.  It’s time to get him some more playing time.

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  1. It was a BIG mistake getting rid of Mark DeRosa. It would be another mistake to castoff Reed Johnson, platoon him in CF with Sam Fuld, batting leadoff.

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