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I’m sure DLee was thinking a lot of things at this point but the prominent thought was probably “Ouch!”  He didn’t look too comfortable after his collision with Rafael Furcal last night.  Getting two players injured on one play is pretty rare (unless you play APBA).  But when the two players who are injured are nowhere near each other takes some extremely bad luck. 

Ok, hindsight is 20/20 and it’s easy to criticize.  But did it occur to Scott Eyre that it might have been the wisest thing to just hold on to the ball rather than to shovel it lacrosse-style with his glove hand to Lee?  No, I’m sure it didn’t.  He reacted on instincts.  If he made the play (instead of whipping it 5 feet over Lee’s glove), it would have been lauded as a great play. 

However, the cost of this play may be far-reaching.  Last I heard, Eyre won’t suffer too much and that’s good.  But Lee, that’s another story.  The tests of his wrist are due back tomorrow. 

Oh, the Cubs beat the Dodgers anyway.   Eighth-place hitter Ronny Cedeno came through with a game-winning single in the 8th inning.  The Cubs get a day off to rest today.

Woo boy, they really need it.

Update:  Lee will be out about 8-10 weeks.  He has two fractured bones in his hand. 


2 Responses to “DLee Down”

  1. Good thing the Cubs inked DLee to that BIG contract!!! Did he know this was gonna happen??? Was that why he put out that deadline??? If I really cared more about the Cubs losing than the White Sox winning I’d prolly be really glad to see the Cubbies will be without their biggest bat for quite some time, he may never be the same. Kinda like some Cub fans being delighted when the Big Hurt & Maggs went down a couple of years ago on the Southside. But in reality I couldn’t care less. LET’S GO WHITE SOX!!!

    Seriously, this is a HUGE blow to the Cubbies!!! DLee is the heart & soul of the lineup and he can really flash the leather around firstbase!!! The rest of the infield from Ramirez to Cedeno to Walker are all butchers. DLee was the only one keeping lotsa throws from going into the stands, in fact seats behind firstbase might be the best place at Wrigley to get a souvenir baseball. Juan Pierre is the only other Northside regular with above average defensive skills. The Cubbies were getting closer to staking a claim of the little ball that was so successful on the Southside, the same way Harry Caray became a Cub legend after he was doing his thing for years at Comiskey Park. But that plan of playing little ball went out the window with this injury, as defense is an integral part of little ball, and without DLee there is no defense on the Northside.

  2. About Cub-Hate — To paraphrase a famous playwrite: Methinks Teddy Ballgame doth protest too much.

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