DLee-ightful!! Naive Ramblings of a Cub fan

Was this what the Cubs were waiting for? Thank goodness it’s arrived.

Derrek Lee sparked a 6-3 Cubs win over the Brewers today. And boy, he did it in style! Down 3-1 in the 8th, Lee’s two-run shot sparked a 5-run rally to put the Cubbies ahead for good.

With Lee, 9-5. Without Lee, 19-40. Now we enter the new phase of the season.

But could this slump that has lasted a third of a season be attributed to the loss of just one player, even one as good as Lee?

Probably not. But a win like this is a good a place to start as any. It helps that Mark Prior pitched a game more befitting of him on Saturday. Not perfect, mind you. Not even a win. But at least the ol’ ERA is now down in the one digit range.

And did my eyes decieve me or did Juan P hit his first HR of the season today?

Carlos Marmol who looked like a hot prospect after his first start and since come down to earth, actually pitched a decent game today. Yes, one run in 6+ innings but also 8 strikeouts to 2 walks. Maybe there’s still hope for this rookie.

Things are looking up in Wrigleyville!

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  1. I’m not the only one who throws some bait out there, now and then.

    I’m bracing myself for the “I hate the Cubs” Screed. He’s in Pittsburgh now, but he will see your post soon.

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