ESPN’s "No Love Lost" profiles Cub fans from last ten decades

For those Cub fans who enjoy fluff pieces about their team, ESPN has assembled a pretty cool multimedia ensemble called "No Love Lost" which profiles ten Cub fans who were born in each decade since the Cubs last won the World Series. 

It’s rather cool in a bittersweet way for a Cub fan.  Some of those profiled are well-known in their own right such as David Diaz (light welterweight boxer) and Billy Corgan (former Smashing Pumpkins singer) and others are known purely for their love of the Cubs such as Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers and 100-year old Richard Savage representing the 1908 season. 

Savage has some pretty humorous quotes, in my opinion:

On Fukudome: "He’s always spinning around with this whirling nonsense. They have a batting coach. Why the hell can’t they teach him to stop that?"

On Soriano: "He’s had some big hits, he’s a pretty good hitter, but he plays the field like a grammar school student."

Funny, I’ve thought the same thing about Fukudome.

Link (thanks, B & T!)

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