Gonzo trades some leather with a fan

Outfielder Luis Gonzalez played for the Cubs for only a year and a half but that was long enough to establish a tradition that he plans to re-establish today. 

Back when Gonzo played left field for the Cubs, he and 50 year-old fan Gary Stromquist, whose seat was out in the left field bleachers, would trade gloves every year. 

This year Gonzalez will be playing right field but he’ll make the effort to meet with Stromquist.  Stromquist, otherwise known as "Loudmouth Gary" had some kind words for Gonzalez.  From an article on the ChiTrib:

"Gonzo is like the milkman or the mailman or your school teacher," he said. "He’s the nicest guy on the face of the earth."

In other news, Luis Gonzalez is actually playing right field.

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