Gorzelanny, Baker battle the Bucs for win

Tom Gorzelanny just did what was needed by his team. 

Last night, I checked on Zach Duke’s stats, in particular, how he did against the Cubs.  Going into today’s game, he had a 4-6 record against Chicago.  Yet his 3.09 ERA against them was still pretty tasty.  So I figured it was going to be up to Gorzelanny. 

Well, Duke pitched pretty close to his status quo, allowing three runs in 7 plus frames.  But Gorzelanny was up for the task.  The Pirates only scored one run off him in five innings.  Cubs win 3-1!

The big miracle in today’s win was that the Cubs’ bullpen didn’t implode.  Rather, they pitched pretty dang well allowing two hits over the course of four innings with Gregg getting his 23rd save of the season. 

Jeff Baker continues to produce for the Cubbies.  Today, he went 2 for 4 with his second homer of the year.  This one was a solo shot off Duke in the sixth inning.  In the last six games, the Germany-born Baker has fourteen hits.

Hopefully, Geovany Soto is getting back in the groove.  Soto was 1 for 19 in the first two series back from his month-long DL stint (albeit that one hit WAS a homerun).  In the last two games against Pittsburgh, Soto has collected three hits, two of them doubles.  Let’s hope he can find what he had last year.

Tomorrow:  Rich Harden vs Pirates’ Ross Ohlendorf

2 Responses to “Gorzelanny, Baker battle the Bucs for win”

  1. I find the acquisition of Tom Gorzelanny to be depressing.

    Here’s “the why.” If Tom Gorzelanny couldn’t make the Pirates’ 25-man roster (he was in AAA), why would Jim Hendry think he will help the Cubs? Because Hendry wouldn’t know a ballplayer from a Japanese aviator. That’s why.

    Not Hendry’s “first bad move.” Nor his “worst bad move.” Hopefully, his “last bad move.”

    The Jim Hendry Legacy: $138 million dollars spent and the Cubs have no center fielder, no leadoff man, no second baseman, a below-average closer and only one All-Star. “That’s Unacceptable, Doug.” To quote a well-known Chicago commentator.

    Barring a miracle finish, I foresee a Day of Reckoning at the end of the year. Jim Hendry should be very afraid.

    Now you’ve got me pounding on the desk again.

  2. I guess I’m a little more positive about Gorzelanny than you are. I liked him when he was with the Pirates. Don’t know why he couldn’t work with him though.

    I’ll give him time with the Cubs.

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